Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Course Syllabus- Retail Management

Paper Code: MBA 423

External Marks: 80            Internal Marks: 20             Time: 3 hrs.

The objective of the course is providing insights on retail operations. This will enable the students to become good retail planners and decision makers and help focus on change and adaption to change

Introduction to retail: retail in India; retail models and theories of retail development; understanding the retail consumers; ethical issues in retailing

Retail marketing strategy; retail franchising; retail store location and site selection; retail store design and  visual merchandising; customer relationship management in retailing.

Basics of retail merchandising; the process of retail merchandising; the method of merchandise
Procurement; retail pricing and evaluating merchandise performance; retail communication mix

Retail store operations; servicing the retail customers; retail human resource management; financial aspects of retail management; retail information system; supply chain management in retailing

Suggested Reading:
1.   Pradhan, Swapna; Retaling Management; Tata McGraw Hill; New Delhi
2.   Bajaj, Chetan, Tuli, Rajnish and Srivastava, Nidhi; Retail Management; OUP; New Delhi
3.   Berman, Barry & Evans, Joel R.; Retail Management – A strategic approach; Pearson
Education/Prentice Hall of India; New Delhi
4.   Levy, Michael & Weitz, Barton A.; Retailing Management; Tata McGraw Hill; New Delhi
5.   Newman, Andrew J. & Cullen, Peter; Retailing – Environment and Operations; Thomson
Asia Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi
6.   Dunne, Patrick M., Lusch, Robert F & Griffith, David A.; Retailing; Thomson Asia Pvt. Ltd; ND
7.   Lamba, A.J.; The Art of Retailing; Tata McGraw Hill; New Delhi

1.   Instructions for External Examiner: The question paper shall be divided in two sections. Section ‘A’ shall comprise of eight short answer type questions from whole of the syllabus carrying two marks each, which shall be compulsory. Answer to each question should not exceed 50 words normally.
2.   Section ‘B’ shall comprise 8 questions (2 questions from each unit). The students will be required to attempt four questions selecting one question from each unit.
3.  All questions will carry equal marks.

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